Feb 04 2024

I wanna say sorry to anyone who’s tried booking

                                                                            feb 4/2024 
I wanna say sorry to anyone who's tried booking and it fell through, the last few weeks I've been dealing with this guy who isn't nice, he texts me from random number and put me down and books bogus dates, whom I'm not sure or why but after that a few times a day it's hard to trust who's real and who's not and after them I get moody towards the wrong people so again I'm sorry none of you deserve it. But like I said after that it's hard to know if someone not wasting my time or not anymore.    
So again from the bottom of my heart I'm truly sorry I'm not normally like this one bit 
Yours Truly 
Ashlee Dawn🤍🖤💜💚🤎🩵🩶