Nov 11 2020

Phone Number Will Be Changing Soon Temp Number

     Temporarily If Not Able to reach me at 
             my (587) 2028287 # outta a bad break up, and
 the wonderful ex uses my phone to get what he wants outta me,                 and I'm no longer accepting,                                                                               it so means he will disconnect my phone When He Pleases, 
 or we'll not pay my phone bill with money I give him for The phone,           He Has Not been putting The Money on so The Phone,
now I'm facing losing my phone cause he can't accept the fact I'm better off without him ....    
So Temporarily  if Not able to reach me at my regular number till I post new contact number try one of these number , Again sorry for this 
                             (587)343-1166  or (587) 850-2028 
                         Will Have New Number Soon